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Breaking News......



Starting Friday, March 5th we will have 2 new dance classes at the Costick Activies Center in Farmington Hills. 


We had a Great first class!!! I hope you all had fun.  I can't wait for next week.  See the Current Lessons page for the dances I taught today.


Noon til 1:00PM will be a Beginner class (for all beginner levels).  We won't be learning the same dances as the Wednesday class, this is a new class. From 1:00 pm untl 2:00 pm will be a Beginner plus/Improver level class (inbetween Beginner and Intermediate). Come out and stretch your skills. All are welcome! Their Spring/Summer booklet has already been printed so this info will not be in there.  You can still call or go there to sign up for this class. 


Our March 10th dance was lots of fun! Our next Saturday dance at the Round Up will be April 10th for Another Chance to Dance. Playlist will be posted the week of our next dance. $10 per person


The Round Up reopened on Monday, February 1, 2021. We had our first class from 6 - 9 pm.  We are catching up (again) with the dances we were dancing before the lockdowns. No pressure, no stress, just a fun night of dancing.  You will feel so good!! Also, the Thursday morning class restarted on February 4, 2021. $10 each class.  We do have room for a few more in each class and still be well within the guidelines. Come and join us. 


Farmington Hills, Costick Center - has reopened.  Call them and sign up now these classes are filling up fast. We added another Beginner class and an Improver class to Fridays (same time as Wednesdays).


Birmingham Next:  has reopened.  


Latest News......

Playlist for May Dance 2021
Microsoft Excel sheet [156.0 KB]

Due to COVID 19, Some classes are temporarily canceled until further notice. But others are reopening. 


Check back here, I will keep you updated on all locations as we are reopening, again.  


 Masks are required in ALL classes. 


Costick Center has reopened 2021


Wednesday Beginner from noon until 1:00 pm

Wednesday Intermediate - from 1:00 pm until 2:00 pm 

March session - 3/10 - 3/31. --  April Session 4/7 - 4/21


Friday Beginner from noon until 1:00 pm

Friday Beginner +/Improver from 1:00 pm until 2:00 pm

March Session - 3/5 - 3/26. --- April Session 4/9 - 4/23


Some classes fill up fast so check with the office.  Classes are $5 each but you must pay for the full session.  Usually 3-4 classes.  


No classes on Wednesday April 28. Friday April 2 or April 30, 2021


Above is the schedule for Spring classes. 

Costick Center

 For 2021 the sessions will be shorter for your convenience, 3 or 4 weeks per session thru Spring.  

Enter through door A to be checked in, come early.

Masks are required in all classes.

Call today to sign up for class. 248-473-1800

We can dance safely come out and join us.  



We can get back to dancing safely. The venues that are open are doing everything possible to have clean facilities and set up for social distancing.  We've been dancing for months. Please, be mindful of others and social distance. Masks are required in all classes. 


Birmingham Next has reopened. 

  They have several options for payment.  We started out slow and have worked our way back to the dances we have already learned. Perfect time to join this class or come from another of our classes that haven't opened yet.

All are welcome! 


Our next dance will be April 10, 2021, from noon until

4:00 pm at the Round-Up in Waterford. The new playlist will be posted before the next dance.

Wear your mask and please social distance and be courteous and mindful of others. 




Some prices have increased due to the increased cost of the rooms rented and some classes may not reopen. 


 Please, stay safe and healthy!!!


If you'd like to practice at home just pull up any of our videos on this website and dance along. 




Another Chance to Dance!!

Projected Saturday Dance dates for 2021February 13, March 13, April 10, May 1 (first Saturday), June 12, July 10, August 14, September 11, October 9, November 6, December 11.




The website is current.... for now.  Hope to see you on the dance floor soon and have a great week!! I'm trying to keep everything updated but things can change daily due to Covid-19. 




As of July 9th, 2020 I have been teaching line dance for 16 years. Thank you for supporting my classes and allowing me to do what I love!! I couldn't do it without YOU!!! I look forward to another year of teaching, learning, and fun with line dance!!

I hope to see you on the dance floor soon!





For everyone who has been asking about the Sway'D dance boots and would like to try them on and purchase them locally. 


This is a new update:  

Toe to Toe Dance Shoes,

G1159 W. Hill Rd. Suite C,

Flint, MI 48507

(on the border for Grand Blanc).

Their phone 810-238-7400 or toll-free


Email: toetotoe1@comcast.net

Website: www.toe2toe.com 

You can also get other kinds of dance shoes, (Jazz, ballroom, ballet, tap, etc.) 


They had my Sway'D color and size in stock. 

The staff was great and very helpful. 

Go visit and tell them I sent you.


(Their store is in a long building and is the last door at the end.  Use your GPS) 


To order directly from Sway'D's website: 



Sometimes they have special prices! 


The website says your size may be back-ordered 4-6 weeks but I ordered a pair on Cyber Monday and received them on Thursday, only 4 days.



I'm adding a link here for Dance Sliders for those who have asked.  You'll buy them from the seller through eBay.  The cost is $15.00 plus shipping.  Make sure you check and order the right size for your shoes as well as whether you want the heal covered or not. (I personally recommend the open heal, not covered) They don't fall off like some of the other dance socks. These are great if you want to wear something other than dance shoes or you dance somewhere where the floor is not ideal. I recently went to a dance with a sticky (dirty) floor and was able to dance easily. I just slipped them on over my dance shoes and washed them in the washing machine later. eBay Link for Dance Sliders You'll love them!! I have several pairs so I can always have a clean pair. Important: Take care of them the way she tells you and they will last much longer. (personal experience) 


I'm also adding a link to Dance Socks website. For a different option and they come in different colors too. You can wear your street shoes or tennis shoes and be able to dance easily. Link to website


The classes on Monday & Wednesday evenings are progressive classes. On Mondays from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm (approx) is the EZ beginner part where I teach the same EZ dances each week so you get comfortable with the dances and steps. On Monday (am & pm),  & Wednesday evenings the class moves into other beginner dances, improver, and up to intermediate/advanced dances so there is something for everyone. As you get more comfortable with steps/dances you can dance longer & learn more dances. 

Playlist for May Dance 2021
Microsoft Excel sheet [156.0 KB]

The new playlist will be posted before the next dance. I'll also play as many requests as I can fit in.  


Some class costs have changed. If you don't see it posted please ask. See the "Class Locations" page for more information. 


We have our social dance at the Round-Up in Waterford, 5050 Dixie Hwy. (see Current Locations page for a map). Time is Noon to 4:00 pm on the 2nd Saturday each month. Cost... Only $10.  The playlist will be available before each dance which I'll add to the website for you to print (Click on the playlist above). Come and join the fun with Another Chance to Dance.


Dances are usually held on the 2nd Saturday every month (usually) please check the website in case the date changes.  Print out the playlist above. Our Next Dance: April 10, 2021


Projected dates for 2021February 13, March 13, April 10, May 1 (first Saturday), June 12, July 10, August 14, September 11, October 9, November 6, December 11. 


 The Round-Up, 5050 Dixie Hwy in Waterford. It's in the K-Mart plaza on the east side of the street north of Williams Lake and south of Andersonville Rd. We really like it there it's very nice. Wood Floor! (and they've already expanded it) There will be water, sodas, hot dogs & snacks for sale (now reduced prices). There is no alcohol allowed. (If there are snacks you'd like let me know and I'll see about having them carry them for us.) Please, give them your support, we love a good place to dance and want to see them continue in business.  


I've added a link to a Free Office program on the first Step Sheets page (A-E). If you can't open the documents on this website because you don't have an Office program this is a free alternative for you.  Download the program to a place on your computer you'll remember (examples: Downloads folder, Programs, or your Desktop) then open it so you can install it. It will tell you what to do. 


Just a reminder as businesses sometimes close down ( burn down) or discontinue classes....  if you don't support the things you like, they will be gone. If you take a dance class, even if it's not one of mine, go as regular as you can and support the business where you dance because it could be gone tomorrow. 

Line Dance Lessons, Southeast Michigan


Whether you are looking for a beginner class, Intermediate, advanced, or anything in between, I have a class for you. I cover a wide area in Southeast Michigan and hold line dance classes throughout the year. At this time I have several line dance classes per week located in Waterford (open), Birmingham (open), West Bloomfield (temporarily closed), Farmington Hills (temporarily closed), Grand Blanc (temporarily closed), and Whitmore Lake (temporarily closed). (See current locations maps) 


The dances taught are old & new dances that are danced in class, in bars, at local area dances, and at dance workshops using all genres of music. You'll find nice and helpful people in every class.  Come and join us for lots of line dancing fun.


Feel free to look around and email me if you have any questions. This website is a continued work in progress so come back often to see what's new. 




Christine Stewart


What Dancing can do for you.

In an earlier issue of the NTA newsletter, the following was shared and I feel it is worth sharing with all of you. Great information to keep in mind.

1.Increased muscle strength & endurance.

2.Increased energy.

3.The release of endorphins that give us a better outlook & make us "feel better" with a decrease in anxiety & depression type symptoms.

4. Chiropractic professionals encourage low-impact exercise as a necessity for keeping your spine healthy.

5. Movement lubricates the joints so that they move more freely.

6. The motion of the joints improves flexibility reducing the chance for injury.

7. Increased muscle strength leads to better posture and increased range of motion.

8.Can reduce the chances of having a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, & even some types of cancer.

Lessons for Special Events Available

Book a lesson for your next party or event. I've taught classes for corporations, schools, business and church events, Fundraisers, Barn Dances, Fairs, Birthday Parties, Workshops, and Weddings. I'll customize the lesson for your event so everyone will have fun and be dancing in no time. I teach line dancing to all kinds of music... line dancing is not just country. We also have a Demo Team available for your event entertainment.


Contact me for more information. ILoveMyWork@comcast.net 


Sign up for my Newsletter:

At this time I'm not sending out any newsletters. I do post videos of dances I'm teaching, cancelled classes due to weather, illness, COVID 19, etc. on my Facebook Group page. (Link Below) Please, check there for last minute updates. If you have questions or would like to reach me send an email to ilovemywork52@gmail.com 

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What's New

This website will always be a work in progress adding new dances and info several times a week... So check back often.  My goal with this website is to make it "User Friendly" for you.  Please, Tell me what you think.... is it easier to access the information? 

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