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Home of Christine's Dancers

Line Dance Videos

Name of Dance - Choreographer - Music & Artist (music that we dance to). Click on Dance name to see a Youtube video of that dance. 

Just For Fun Videos

 -- 0 -- Miscellaneous videos

 -- A --

 -- B -- 

Boat to Liverpool - Back Home (Kirsthen Hansen) - On the Boat to Liverpool by Nathan Carter - No video available

 -- C -- 

Cut A Rug - (Jo & Rita Thompson) - Roll Back The Rug by Scooter Lee

 -- D & E --

 -- F -- 

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At this time I'm not sending out any newsletters. I do post videos of dances I'm teaching, cancelled classes due to weather, illness, COVID 19, etc. on my Facebook Group page. (Link Below) Please, check there for last minute updates. If you have questions or would like to reach me send an email to ilovemywork52@gmail.com 

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What's New

This website will always be a work in progress adding new dances and info several times a week... So check back often.  My goal with this website is to make it "User Friendly" for you.  Please, Tell me what you think.... is it easier to access the information? 

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Want to know where to dance in another state or country while traveling or on vacation?  Stacy J Garcia has put together a great list. Go here...


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